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Investment Philosophy

We manage globally-diversified portfolios designed to meet clients’ risk return objectives ranging from conservative to aggressive growth, and we provide these ongoing investment management services on a fee-only basis.

The guiding principles of our investment philosophy are as follows:

  • Capital markets are generally efficient over the long-term but provide periods of inefficiency over the short-term.
  • Different asset classes offer returns that are not perfectly correlated and diversifying portfolios across asset classes will help to optimize risk-adjusted returns.
  • Regularly rebalanced portfolios have lower risk and the same or better returns than portfolios that have never been rebalanced.
  • Tax efficiency is important, as improper tax management can have a significant drag on returns.
  • Flexibility and agility are critical since the market is constantly changing.

Investment Methodology

A well-thought investment process is a critical element for success. Our ETF Index Plus strategy emphasizes:


A more diversified portfolio has greater chance to control investment risk and achieve strong returns over time. By holding assets with different characteristics, a diversified portfolio can be better positioned to weather market volatility.

Security Selection

We build portfolios using exchange traded funds (“ETF’s”) to leverage their benefits of diversification, tax efficiency, liquidity, and low cost.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Rebalancing involves selling securities that have performed well and moving to securities that haven’t done well – in other words, buy low and sell high. We make quarterly rebalancing adjustments to keep portfolios in line with their target asset allocation.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

We actively adjust the individual weightings of each asset class held in a portfolio. The goal of the dynamic asset allocation feature is to improve risk-adjusted returns by adjusting the asset class weightings in your portfolio. Our investment team uses fundamental, technical and macroeconomic analysis in determining when and how to adjust the asset class weightings in your portfolio.

Ability to Get Defensive in Down Markets

Our investment team uses a proprietary model to identify strength or weakness in the global securities markets. The model serves as a guide to assess changes in market conditions. If the model generates a bearish signal, we get defensive by shifting a portion of client portfolios from equities to fixed income securities.